Social Media Marketing


Social Media and Online Digital Marketing


What is your plan to engage the public or your target audience via social media platforms?

TurnGroup Technologies will help you create a plan using your company’s business model, data, and expectation.  Your plan is simply your step-by-step guide for building awareness and engagement on social media platforms. While we customize the approach for each customer, a social media strategy will include an assessment of existing social media accounts/profiles, review of objectives, evaluation of your target audience, and confirmation of SM marketing expectation.  We will determine and implement a recommendation.

Content Creation!

Your company needs impactful and effective content – so where will you get that?

TurnGroup Technologies can great content to assist you in reaching a specific audience.  From video creation to animation to digital design, TurnGroup can create the solution that helps your company realize a return on you online digital marketing and social media investment.


Where, How, Why, and When are all key components to your distribution plan.  Gathering data on past campaigns or analyzing industry information will assist us in helping your company launch a successful online digital marketing and social media campaign.

The BIG Picture…

Simply increasing the number of page likes for your brand does not equal social media marketing success.  You want to have a strategy, content, and a distribution plan that helps awareness, customer engagement, and results that lead to a large return on you marketing investment.  ROI $$$