About Us


TurnGroup Technologies, LLC is a Small Disadvantaged Business, Minority Business Enterprise, and Disadvantage Business Enterprise operating in a Hub Zone that provides a wide variety of business related technology solutions through our service staff, technology products, and reseller/channel partners.  Our owner and President is African American, and he owns 100% of TurnGroup Technologies.  Our Company practices and demonstrates the highest integrity, professionalism, and work ethic in all of the services and products that we provide.  Our goal is to effectively and efficiently provide the services that our clients need.  We expect our business model to be executed in the best interest of our client, and eventually hope that our client will regard Turngroup as a dependable extension of their staff.  We can provide the following services and products if requested:




TurnGroup has been in business since April, 2002, and in that time, has acquired 50+ clients with major projects that span our specialty areas above.  We maintain continued relationships with many of them.  TurnGroup’s target market consists of small businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations that typically have less than 50 employees.  The current group of clients have annual revenue that ranges from approximately $50,000 to $1.3 Billion (Printpack).  Their employees number from three to two thousand nine hundred employees.  We currently have two contracts with the State of Missouri (first – Prime Contractor / second – sub-contractor).


541512 – Computer Systems Design Services,

541511 – Programming

541430 – Graphic Design

541513 – Computer Facilities Management

541519 – Other Computer Related Services

SIC Code: 7373

CCR: Registered

ORCA: Registered


DUNS NUMBER: 127299027


FEDERAL CERTIFICATIONS: Qualified to be a SBA Certified Small Disadvantaged Business according to the US Federal Government Guidelines

TurnGroup holds minority/disadvantaged business enterprise certification under the State of Missouri (MBE/DBE – OA/OSWD Cert. #M03921), Missouri Regional Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Unified Certification Program and the St. Louis Airport Authority DBE Program Office, through the MRCC, the Regional Certification Committee, currently effective through 12/18/2010.  The Certification # is DMBE1203.  Codes applicable to TurnGroup Technologies